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Retirement Planning & Senior Law

At Mullane & Lindsay Solicitors we recognise that as our lifestyle and needs change overtime, so does the need for specialised legal services that will cater for the various periods of our life. As such, Mullane & Lindsay has developed a range of legal services that cater specifically for those who are about to retire or are in retirement, as well as services for senior citizens and the elderly.

Mullane & Lindsay realises that decisions and changes at this stage can have a wide impact on a number of areas including where to live, health & medical requirements, relationships with the family and as well as financial arrangements. Our Retirement Planning & Senior Law team has the experience and skills to guide you through the many issues that may arise in relation to financial matters, wills, estate administration and retirement living, to help you in planning an enjoyable and stress-free retirement.

This can also be a stressful time for families who wish to ensure that their loved ones are protected and can continue to live and enjoy a fulfilling life, securely and safely. In what can be a complex period where hard decisions may need to be made, Mullane & Lindsay's Retirement Planning & Senior Law specialists ensure that you receive legal advice and assistance that is clear and simple to understand.

Additionally, with more and more people wishing to work longer and retire later, Mullane & Lindsay's lawyers can also assist you with issues that may arise with your employment such as age discrimination or other forms of employment issues or disputes.

Mullane & Lindsay Solicitors aims to promote the dignity of our elder population and our services include the following::

  • Estate planning (including wills, powers of attorney, enduring guardianships, aged care benefits and business succession planning)
  • Estate administration and litigation (including probate, contested wills and family provision claims)
  • Property and aged-care living (including downsizing, buying or selling a property, mortgages and home equity schemes)
  • Retirement village and aged care facility residence contracts
  • Family law and superannuation (including grandparents and residence or contact, divorce or family breakdown, superannuation & death benefits)
  • Elder abuse (including financial abuse and fraud, neglect, physical or other abuse)
  • Employment or other aged discrimination.

For more information about our Retirement Planning & Senior Law services and how we may help you or your family, please contact us.

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